007 – Nickel Creek’s A Dotted Line

Nickel Creek A Dotted Line

What better way to start your weekend than by listening to episode two of our two part Nickel Creek spectacular? In this episode, we talk about the (for now) last record that the band has released: A Dotted Line.

Album Details

Album: A Dotted Line
Nickel Creek
Year Released: 2014
Label: Nonesuch Records
Producer: Eric Valentine
Wikipedia Description:

A Dotted Line is the fourth major album release and sixth studio album overall by progressive acoustic trio Nickel Creek. Produced by Eric Valentine, the album was released on Nonesuch Records on April 1, 2014 in the United States.

A Dotted Line is the first Nickel Creek album since the band’s hiatus following their 2007 Farewell (For Now) Tour. The release coincided with the trio’s 25th anniversary. A subsequent tour will also begin in April.

Tracks include initial singles “Destination” and “Love of Mine,” as well as two covers: Sam Phillips’ “Where Is Love Now” and Mother Mother’s “Hayloft.”

At Paste, Holly Gleason rated the album and eight point two out of ten, writing that the release is “Not merely a product of maturity, Nickel Creek has grown without losing its palpable joy or wondrous ability to make musicianship as accessible as the engaging way their voices draw listeners to them.”

Brice Ezell rated the album eight out of ten discs, stating that the release “is a work of supreme songcraft; one might call it a ‘return to form’, but from the sound of it, the form was never gone in the first place.”

Sarah Rodman of The Boston Globe gave a positive review of the album, remarking how the release “is a vibrant reminder of Nickel Creek’s youthful promise and proof that it has plenty left to say.”

Jon’s Favorite Songs”

  • “Rest of My Life”
  • “Destination”
  • “Elsie”
  • “Elephant in the Corn”
  • “You Don’t Know What’s Going On”

Jon’s Least Favorite Songs

  • “Hayloft”

Jon’s Honorable Mentions

  • “Love is Mine”

Jon’s Honorable Honorable Mentions

  • “Where is Love Now”

Eric’s Favorite Songs

  • “Rest of My Life”
  • “Elephant in the Corn”
  • “Where is Love Now?”
  • “21st of May”
  • “Destination”

Eric’s Honorable Mentions

  • “Elsie”

Eric’s Least Favorite Songs

  • “Hayloft”

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