006 – Nickel Creek’s Why Should the Fire Die?

Why Should the Fire Die cover

A lot has happened in our lives since we posted our last episode (though you’ll have to listen to hear what’s new!). We decided to come back in style with a double-episode spectacular celebrating one of our favorite bands — Nickel Creek! In episode one of two parts, we discuss what we think is the band’s finest record — Why Should the Fire Die?, a dark, brooding, simmering masterpiece. It’s full of doubt, bitterness, and, per usual, absolutely gorgeous songwriting and instrumentation.

Album Details

Album: Why Should The Fire Die?
Nickel Creek
Year Released: 2005
Label: Sugar Hill Records
Producer: Eric Valentine
Wikipedia Description:

Why Should The Fire Die? is the third major album release and fifth album overall by progressive acoustic trio Nickel Creek. The album was released on Sugar Hill on August 9, 2005 in the United States, and on August 8 in the United Kingdom. Why Should the Fire Die? is the first Nickel Creek album to feature string bassist Mark Schatz.

The album peaked at #17 on the Billboard 200, Nickel Creek’s highest position on the chart to date. Why Should the Fire Die? also topped both the magazine’s Top Internet Albums and Top Bluegrass Albums charts. By November 2006, the album had sold 258,784 copies. The album earned Nickel Creek two Grammy Award nominations: the award for Best Contemporary Folk Album, an award which they previously won for This Side, and the award for Best Country Instrumental Performance (“Scotch & Chocolate”).

Why Should the Fire Die? was praised by contemporary music critics primarily for its creativity, and for its instrumental quality, with one critic complimenting the album’s “sheer musical brilliance”

Jon’s Favorite Songs”

  • “When in Rome”
  • “Somebody More Like You”
  • “Jealous of the Moon”
  • “Doubting Thomas”
  • “Helena”

Jon’s Least Favorite Songs

  • “Evaline”
  • “Anthony”

Jon’s Honorable Mentions

  • “Why Should the Fire Die?”

Eric’s Favorite Songs

  • “First and Last Waltz” + “Helena
  • “Why Should the Fire Die?”
  • “When in Rome”
  • “Doubting Thomas”
  • “Somebody More Like You”
  • “Scotch and Chocolate”

Eric’s Honorable Mentions

  • “Stumptown”

Eric’s Least Favorite Songs

Can’t pick one!